Book Club

Please find below a selection of books that have been recommended during our general membership meetings, women in security, or young professionals meetings.  All of these books have been recommended by out members to encourage us to be better informed in both technology and interpersonal skills.

The Gift of Fear

A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers to help carry a woman's groceries. Is he a good Samaritan or is he after something else? A fired employee says "You'll be sorry." Will he return with a gun? After their first date, a man tells a woman it is their "destiny" to be married. What will he do when she won't see him again? A mother has an uneasy feeling about the nice babysitter she's just hired. Should she not go to work today?

These days, no one in America feels immune to violence. But now, in this extraordinary groundbreaking book, the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior unlocks the puzzle of human violence and shows that, like every creature on earth, we have within us the ability to predict the harm others might do us and get out of its way. Contrary to popular myth, human violence almost always has a discernible motive and is preceded by clear warning signs.

Through dozens of compelling examples from his own career, Gavin de Becker teaches us how to read the signs, using our most basic but often most discounted survival skill - our intuition. The Gift of Fear is a remarkable, unique combination of practical guidance on leading a safer life and profound insight into human behavior.

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(Un)Skirting the Issues: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned Man in Today's Workplace

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus—but when it comes to the workplace, everyone needs to come down to Earth. While countless books teach women how to thrive in business, very few simply instruct men on how to help women gain corporate gender equality. It’s time for men to join women in working toward a new future—and Bonnie Fetch and Jessica Poliner are just the successful women to show them how. In (Un)Skirting the Issues, Fletch and Poliner present a comprehensive strategy for well-intentioned men to recognize and prevent the unconscious bias, stereotypes, and ingrained expectations that affect women today. Pairing personal stories and examples with authoritative research and practical tips, this guide gives men all the tools they need to influence cultural and organizational change through dismantling image-based perceptions, exchanging special treatment for true partnerships, learning to listen, and breaking social barriers. Working together, men and women can understand, approach, develop, and advocate for equality and change—and begin building an inclusive work environment that benefits everyone.

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My Non-Political fbi, From hoover to a violent america

Bob Pence found his dream job in being an FBI Agent. Working his way up to Special Agent in Charge, Bob was assigned throughout the United States to combat crime for the Bureau. He was in the South during the civil rights unrest of the 1960s, was trained in Cantonese Chinese for assignments in the Big Apple, was responsible for security at FBI Headquarters and all FBI properties throughout the world, and helped thwart the eforts of bank robbers, drug dealers, and outlaw motorcycle gang members. He covers Bureau history, the addition of female Special Agents, and comments on the troubling trend he sees of violence in America. This book is an informative and loving look at the Bureau and the Special Agents who serve there.

You can order ISBN: 978-1-56373-199-0 at or via [email protected]

Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact

In 2007, Joanna Barsh led a team at McKinsey & Company to answer that very question. In the process, they uncovered what distinguishes leaders who are successful from those who achieve true greatness, developing an approach called Centered Leadership. They drew on research from across the academic fields of leadership, organization behavior, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and positive psychology. In addition, Barsh interviewed over 160 leaders from many fields – including business, government and the arts – and from many countries. With quantitative research, the team learned that these leaders have mastered practices to find their balance in the midst of chaos and lead from their most resourceful selves, unleashing the potential of others. In 2009, Johanne Lavoie joined to lead development of programs that help executives build these capabilities. Their research and development work continues as more and more leaders experience Centered Leadership.

In Centered Leadership, Barsh and Lavoie will guide you through the Centered Leadership program. You’ll find the interactive tools, exercises, and practices that have helped the men and women participants in Centered Leadership programs gain the skills, courage and confidence to lead.  And, along the way, you’ll read inspiring stories of remarkable men and women leaders who demonstrate the power of  these skills in action. 

Those early in their careers will learn how to use these skills to explore their passions and accelerate their professional development. Those forming families will be able to use them to reconcile manage work and life to get the most out of both. And those who have already achieved success will be able use these practices to reach their next leadership horizon.  No matter what stage you are currently at in your career, or what level of leadership you aspire to, this book will equip you with the tools to unlock your own Centered Leader and achieve more positive impact at work and outside it.

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