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President's Report

Welcome to 2019!

It is an exciting time for the ASIS Denver Mile-Hi Chapter. In 2018, we completed switching our system over to a new website and email service. In the past, the board members had to use multiple systems to track meeting registrations, get out notices and collect payments. This has all been streamlined to one system. This has freed up the volunteer leaders to focus on the content and events that really make our chapter beneficial to security professionals. 

In addition, our chapter membership has grown throughout the year. As of the end of the year, we are at 68 members. By members, we are referring, not only to ASIS members assigned to the Denver chapter, but specifically those who support and are active in the chapter through the annual dues of $35. ASIS International members do not have to pay to be involved in the chapter, but that support is critical to helping our ongoing activities including support for the website and event costs.


The board has outlined our agenda for the year. The first change of note is that our monthly meetings are moving from the 3rd Thursday of the month to the 3rd Wednesday. This was done due to conflicts with another security group that involves a number of our members.

The lunch time has been the most popular, but this is subject to change depending on the venue etc. 

Here is a brief overview of what we have planned for the year:

Jan - 1st meeting and overview of upcoming events

Feb - Selecting A Security Technology Partner, Successfully!

March - PSA Tech Exhibition

April - Site tour (details pending)

May - Top Golf networking gathering & mentoring: focus will be on young professionals and women in security

June - Understanding and Using Video Analytics

July and August - no meeting

Sept - Networking event; we are looking for sponsors for a fun outing. If interested please contact a board member

Oct - Panel to discuss security metrics and ROI

Nov - Elections and early holiday party

Dec - no meeting

If you know of speakers who would be of value on any of these topics or sponsors to help us, please let one of our chapter board members know. We are always looking for good venues to hold meetings as well and need the support of our members for ideas and feedback.

Be sure to check out the calendar on our website as well, as other events are posted there. For example, there is a training session in Feb on Enterprise Security Risk now listed on the calendar. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you throughout the year and appreciate the support with the changes we've been making.

Thank you all!

Eric Smith, CPP
Business Karate, LLC
Self Defense for Any Organization
Business Coaching
(720) 460-9110

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Calendar of Events

Check out the chapter calendar for upcoming events:


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